What are the issues the Selectboard faces?

Since being elected to the Selectboard in April 2013, I have been proud to be one of the members of the team that has been working to accomplish goals we set for our town. While Selectboard members may not agree on every subject, our meetings are respectful and collegial, and members of the Board listen and learn from each other and our Town Administrator.

We have seen several positive changes in South Hadley during the past couple of years:

  • Town Meeting approved construction of a new Senior Center, and the Selectboard recently awarded the contract for General Contractor.
  • A Master Plan Update Committee has been conducting community meetings to begin the process of updating South Hadley’s 2010 Master Plan.
  • Town Meeting unanimously approved theĀ  South Hadley Urban Renewal and Redevelopment Plan.
  • A 5-year contract for management of the Ledges Golf Course was awarded to International Golf Maintenance (IGM), beginning in January 2019.
  • Valley Bike Share launched and is encouraging residents in South Hadley and in neighboring towns to bike to work and for recreation.

Our community also faces challenges in the near future, including how we will:

  • Begin the process of hiring our next Town Administrator.
  • Implement the Urban Renewal and Redevelopment Plan for South Hadley Falls and develop the economy of the whole town.
  • Continue efforts to streamline and reorganize town government.

If you would like to read more about South Hadley’s government, and the Selectboard in particular, visit the Selectboard’s “Frequently Asked Questions”.

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